Thursday, February 10, 2005

Clogger Blogger?


What? You don't understand? It's simple.

There's this real nice girl (okay, she's grown, but she's noticeably younger than me, so I'm saying "girl" but that's not right and I know it but I'm saying it anyway) .... Uh, I forgot what I was saying.

Anyway, she's a clogger. And not just a clogger. But an instructor. She turns other people into cloggers. I don't know if incantations or lizard parts or what all is involved with it. But, from what I can tell, she's pretty good at it and there seem to be lots of people that want to be cloggified, or whatever it's called when you cross over into the world of clogging.

Well, here in the Chattahoochee Valley, there aren't any clogging covens, or whatever they are called. There used to be. If you Google up "clogging Columbus GA" you'll find an old list certified clogging instructors from all over. The only one locally shares the same name as a comedian, but I doubt there is a connection, unless he goes through way too much trouble for a silly gag. (People who do that are stupid.) Of course, it could be that its another guy and they just share a name. I don't know if the local guy is dead, retired, moved away, just got tired of it, or what. But my understanding is the local clogging group shut down a while ago.

Anyway, this lady I was talking about moved to this area a few years ago. She was bitten by the clogging bug some years ago and apparently didn't seek medical attention in time and now it's a permanent condition. And she's wanting to infect others. So her and this other lady got together and found out that nobody around here was teaching clogging and they said, "What the heck" and started a clogging organization.

She has been promoting her place and even set up a Website for the group. And, in her promotion of the site, has asked people, including me, about being interested. Quite honestly, I'm not. You know the old stereotype that while folks can't dance? It was started when somebody saw somebody like me.

basil don't dance.

But, lots of folks do. And cloggers seem to really enjoy themselves. So, I do hope that her group is successful and that she has a good time and even makes some money out of the deal. She's a real nice lady and it would make me happy to see her happy. If her clogging group really does take off, she might even decide to do that full time. If so, we'd lose someone really talented at work. But that's how things happen, sometimes.

Maybe some of the family around here that have an interest bubbling might decide to do something about it and become cloggers and have a good time and everything. Since the wife doesn't read the blog, I don't have to worry about her wanting me to go dress up like somebody on the Porter Wagoner show. But those that want to, knock yourself out.

Clogging isn't something everybody does. I don't. It's just not my thing. But then, blogging isn't other people's thing. Heck, I didn't know I'd enjoy this blog until I did it. But, if this blog goes nowhere or gets old, nobody will ever know and I can just stop doing it and that's the end of it. But, making an ass out of myself in a clogging class?

Ain't gonna happen.

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