Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Headline News 2005-02-16

From ABC News:
WWF Warns on Man-Made Arctic Toxins
Whatcha gonna do, when Mother Nature runs wild on you? - credit: Pluto's Dad

From ABC News:
Cops: Man Shoots at Late-Arriving Workers
Man: "When I said 9 o'clock sharp, I meant 9 o'clock sharp!"

From ABC News:
Family Says Funeral Home Returned Organs
Kept piano

From ABC News:
NHL Cancels Rest of Locked-Out Season
Still no major sports affected by labor disputes this year

From ABC News:
Profile of an Ethical Hacker
Other topics: jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, working vacation, New York culture, Microsoft Works, British fashion, open secrets, computer jocks, paid volunteers, cafeteria food

From ABC News:
Hallmark Apologizes to Clients
Our Website was down
Our staff's over-wrought
You didn't get any
We know it's our fault.
We're sorry!

From ABC News:
Singing Interrupts Smart Kidnap Hearing
Smart case gets stupid

From ABC News:
Mexico Presidential Leftist Seeks Good Ties with U.S.
Mexico City's Mayor: "And not those ugly ties you always get for Christmas"

From ABC News:
Norton Checks Yellowstone Snowmobile Plan
No virus found

From ABC News:
Brazil Crocodile Rock Sheds Light on Old Continent
Marcelo Rossi sings Elton John

From ABC News:
Jennifer Lopez Cancels European Trip
Grammy performance made even her sick

From ABC News:
George Michael bids farewell to pop world
Years after pop world said goodbye to him

From ABC News:
Kid Rock arrested after Tennessee bar fight
Was punched by UT law professor who thought he was a hobo

From ABC News:
Dean Seeks Media Blackout, Changes Mind
Got good deal on new mind, old one had never been used

From CNN:
Teacher accused of instructing students on bomb-making
Part of Howard Dean's new "No Terrorist Left Behind" plan

From Local 10:
BSO: Fourth-Grader Takes Gun, Empty Crack Bags To School
Part of Howard Dean's new "No Gangsta Left Behind" plan

From CNN:
'A dark book about a dorky girl'
"Wonkette: An Autobiography" released

From CNN:
2005 'Year of Mobile Broadband'
Birmingham, Montgomery in line for 2006

From CNN:
'Sausage king' receives death sentence
Ron Jeremy vows to appeal

From CNN:
Troops sent to Amazon after nun's killing
Barnes & Noble on alert

From Washington Post:
Bush Puts Cap on Table
Stole it from Michael Moore when he wasn't looking

From New York Times:
Oldest Remains of Human Beings Are Identified
Scientists confirm: It's Dick Clark

From BBC:
Jackson is 'stable' in hospital
First time he's ever been called 'stable'


  1. Orlando Teacher Taught Bomb Making In Class

    From CNN: Teacher Accused Of Instructing Students On Bomb-Making ORLANDO, Florida (AP) -- A high school chemistry teacher was arrested after students claimed he taught his class how to make a bomb, authorities said. David Pieski, 42, used an

  2. HA! you seem to be in a porn star mode lately.....but funny as always!


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