Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Eason Jordan

I haven't written anything original on the Eason Jordan story because I don't have anything to say that isn't said better elsewhere. Plus, nobody really wants me too. If you want lots of information or good round-ups on the story, see Michelle Malkin (who won't hire me), La Shawn Barber (who I can't pay to link to me), Captain's Quarters (who I can), among others.

There has been little in the mainstream media (MSM) about the story. I think because it's one of theirs (CNN) that's in the controversy, plus it's blog-driven. And the MSM is tired of blogs. Or ignorant of them.

But I like the idea that lance at Red State Rant has of contacting your small, local news outlet:
The responses I have been getting are immediate and inquisi tive. If every blogger or every citizen concerned that the truth is not getting out contacts their local newspaper editorial board, or calls in to their local talk radio station then all of a sudden we are being heard. your home base is where you have the most influence. As your radius fans out and you get a little more time with the medium size market writer or smaller radio stations. They love the idea of a national story but most are to busy on something like fire hydrant repair or a new bridge over an old road. So a big story that is simmering peaks their interests.
Who knows? Maybe some of the big blogs will pick up on his idea and suggest it. Unlike big media, big blogs don't mind getting info from little blogs.


  1. Off topic: I'd just like to thank you for having a gravatar. I just noticed the new little square box to the right of haloscan comments and seeing your baby pic cleared up what they are.

    Soemthing I noticed on the site was a plugin for movable type as well as several other blogging utilities. (You're moving movable type right?)

  2. Oh, eason jordan. Something a lot of people miss is that he was the same goober that sold out to Saddam for private interviews. Remember the traitor coverage at the beginning of the war? That's where you will remember his name from.

  3. > Jeremy | February 10, 2005 01:55 AM
    > You're moving movable type right?

    Well, yes and no. This is hosted on TypePad, which is owned by SixApart, who owns MovableType. And yes, TypePad sites use MovableType. So, I guess the answer is, sort of.

    If it's something I'd have to install on the server, I can't do it.

    But I will look into it.

  4. do like sarahk did, leave typepad for MT, pay the extra dinero and get the features. i'm just saying this now because when you get comment spammed day and night (don't know if it's happening yet, you haven't mentioned anything about comment spam) there's a code thingie that's a plug-in just like she uses...don't try to tell me that you won't get big enough to comment-spam (unless it's in a Filthy Lies post) but even then i won't believe it. wow, that's one doosey of a run-on sentence.
    anyway, keep up the funny and watch out for the less-than-funny that might, as we say here in California,(not Canada) "harsh your mellow" :)

  5. Easongate, Here I Come...

    Who would've thought one short week ago that the blogosphere would be buzzing over a CNN executive and his dumb remarks? The power of the blog. Other journalists, stay-at-home mothers, lawyers, professors, students, the self-employed and unemployed ar...

  6. That'll be $100. I take credit cards. :)


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