Saturday, February 19, 2005

Why IMAO Became A Group Blog

The entire Blogosphere (okay, maybe a couple of dozen people) where stunned when the big announcement was made this week. Okay, maybe stunned isn't the best word. Let's just say there was a collective "Hmmph." Anyway, the announcement was that IMAO was becoming a group blog. Frank J. made the announcement on Thursday. But nobody has really explained "why?" Well, I've been on the case and have uncovered ten reasons it happened. And I'm going to share them with you.

The Top Ten Reasons IMAO Became A Group Blog
  1. Frank J. worried that blonde girl would do to his humor what a blonde girl did for Tiger Woods' golf swing, or what a blonde girl did to James Brolin's acting career.
  2. After cleaning the kitty litter, not enough time left in a day.
  3. Finished the Humor for Dummies series and needed new material.
  4. Wanted faces to go with those voices in his head.
  5. Wanted to be just like Kevin Aylward.
  6. Lost a bet.
  7. Implemented the Plan B Group Thing after SarahK said "NO!" to the Plan A Group Thing.
  8. Got the idea from Bill Gates.
  9. Decided the site needed original material.
  10. Did what he had to do to get the photo negatives.

This exposé may be one of the reasons IMAO will not add basil's blog to its BlogRoll. Other reasons may be the Headlines, stuff on the front page.


  1. Now that's good stuff. He probably had to implement group plan B after SarahK said no to Plan A; I'm just surprised he lived to implement the plan. By the way I hear the pictures involved a pitching wedge and a water buffalo (stuffed for safety reasons of course).

  2. So THAT'S Why It's a Group Blog Now

    Would you dare to doubt Frank J.'s wisdom in making IMAO a group blog? Sure! We ALL would! It's obviously...

  3. You are one the right track with #10.

    See here: Unfair, Unbalanced and........... Obedient??

  4. Gender Confusion Continued

    basil recently wrote an article about Gender Confusion and the Gender Genie. This got me to thinking about the whole, Group Blog issue over at IMAO.

  5. Smiling Dynamite AKA Beloved WifeFebruary 22, 2005 at 8:59 AM

    After the Bad Example family reunion, we all realized that as SarahK said to Frank J., "leave the funny to me." - SarahK is much funnier than the Great Frank J. He had to get her on his team to boost his funny factor.


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