Monday, February 21, 2005

Nuke The Moon

I got my moon nuked yesterday. Although I doubt anyone doesn't understand the "Nuke The Moon" phrase, it's the mission of IMAO. And IMAO is one of the highest traffic and highest linked humor sites.

So yesterday, when Harvey, one of the new members of group at IMAO, posted a link to my Top Ten Reasons IMAO Became A Group Blog, a lot of folks clicked. A lot of folks. A lot.

Here's a quick look at a screen shot from the visitor log yesterday morning:

Notice that there are four pages. For this little blog, that's a lot. And the hits kept coming. All day long. It was quite kind of Harvey to post the link. He's been a tremendous encouragement to this little blog. So, now you know who to blame.

Anyway, the traffic yesterday was a hugh increase over normal days. See:

Yeah, that little spike there on the end is something amazing to this little blog. Everything should be back to normal today. Only I did notice one thing. Some of the people who visited from IMAO did click on another page or two. So, maybe they liked what they saw and will come back. There ain't no accounting for taste.

Oh, and by the way, who reads IMAO? This next graphic is real too, but I did obscurethe IP Address:

Yes, the "evil" Halliburton.


  1. holy crap, that's more hits than I got when I was linked to by Blackfive and Lt-Smash and FlightPundit all on the same day. (For my Kerry's Demoralization 2005 article)

    well, i got about 1500 but it was spread out over several days.

    I'm gonna have to start making fun of other humor bloggers so they link to me. IMAO is a bunch of dummies! Oh wait, I have to do it on my site..

  2. For anyone who hasn't been to aliciarose's site, she was planning a wedding and settling in during last year's election and missed the Vice-President's former company being blamed for everything. And for anyone who missed Frank J.'s satire of the "Blame Halliburton" madness, here it is.


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