Sunday, February 27, 2005

I Knew This Day Was Coming

Comment spam is the bane of bloggers. That's the reason some have put in verification scrips (where you have to type a series of characters that show up in a graphic) while others use moderated comments (where they go to a queue and then are personally reviewed and approved for posting). But comment spam only affects the big blogs. Or so I thought. Turns out they'll spam smaller blogs like this one.

Some piece of crap at IP Address (belongs to CableOne) left one of those that includes links to a bunch of porn sites. You know, the dreaded "hamster sex" posts.

I've banned that IP Address from posting, so if you use that IP Address and need to post, just drop me an e-mail. We probably have some stuff to talk about anyway.

I did e-mail I provided a link to the comment for them to review, and for that reason only have left the comment up. Once they are done, I will delete that comment. I am curious as to how they respond. It would be nice to find out they care about such things.

If anyone has any experience in successfully running down "hamster sex" posts, I'd like to know what else I should have done, or done different. Now that the first one has arrived, the second one will be coming some time.

Someone from CableOne checked out the offending post at 11:07 this morning.

At 8:18 PM, I noticed the offending post is gone. And I didn't delete it. I'm very curious what happened to it. My plan was to delete it once CableOne got back with me. But now it's gone. Probably a simple explanation that I don't understand because I'm simple, too.


  1. My blog has only been up and running for two months and I'm already getting blasted by comment spam. In one day, I had ten spams from "Texas Holdem" and "Online Poker". Freaking jerks. I found that when I disabled the abililty to include HTML in my comments, most of it stopped. I use MT. I don't know if you can set your preferences that way with TypePad.

    Good luck! If you have any success hunting down and killing any of these spammers, please post the results.

  2. It's Sunday and I'm Lazy So Here's Some Links

    Are You Conservative? has found someone with a rather bizarre perspective on the Schiavo case. Basil needs help with the dreaded 'comment spam'. Andi from Andi's World (formerly 'Andi on Poilitics') was one of my first Blogpals, and her site

  3. Isn't it obvious? The the friendly people at cable one hacked into your system and removed the offending comment.


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