Thursday, February 24, 2005

Headline News 2005-02-24

From ABC News:
Cruise Prices Up, but Travelers Still Buy
Actor whoring himself out to raise money for Church Of Scientology

From ABC News:
Dutch Customs Seizes Elephant Parts
Lucy and Ramona and their brother Sunset Sam arrested

From ABC News:
Tiger Shot, Killed Near Reagan Library
PGA in mourning

From ABC News:
Burning Manure Pile in Nebraska Goes Out
Michael Moore recovering

From ABC News:
Court: Man Can Sue Over Surprise Pregnancy
First male pregnacy has legal complications

From CNN:
Paris Hilton feels 'horrible' about cell phone book
Wishes she wasn't such a slut

From WPLG:
Police: Man offered girls $5 for sexual favors
Frequents cheap whores

From WEWS:
Protesters may sue to stop deer killings
Rogue deer expected to obey order

From KOAT:
Plane lands to drop off unruly passengers
Airline warns: "Next time won't land, will just remove unruly passengers"

From KETV:
Police discover beheaded cat
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's cat claims credit

From CNN:
Massive California cleanup begins
Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, Sanchez sisters bagged, left at curb

From ABC News:
Family of Suspect in Bush Plot to Sue US
Bin Laden to sue 2,749 families

From BBC:
Czechs mull 1968 compensation
Czechs may get checks

From BBC:
UK gets official virus alert site
Britons no longer have to go to McAfee or Symantec to find out about viruses

From BBC:
Dirty Harry debut for video game
"Go ahead, play my game"

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  1. Michael Moore recovering....
    now that's the kind of mean funny i like!


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