Saturday, February 19, 2005

Headline News 2005-02-19

From ABC News:
Women Sue Over Gorilla's Breast 'Fetish'
Thought job description included "a petit dejeuner" not "ape tit dejeuner"

From ABC News:
Naked Man Flashes Cars on Chilly Highway
At least, they think he was naked; It was a very cold day

From ABC News:
Man Tries to Toss Cigarette, SUV Ignites
Stupid SUV Driver

From ABC News:
'The Simpsons' Dives Into Gay Controversy
Jeff Gannon to star

From ABC News:
Global Warming Could Worsen U.S. Pollution: Report
Global Warming Causes Pollution, Not The Other Way Around

From ABC News:
Clinton, Bush Close to Tears in Tsunami Aid Tour
Clinton because he saw a camera, Bush because he had to stand next to Clinton

From ABC News:
Starburst Was Brightest Flash on Record
Beats record shared by Skittles, Jolly Ranchers

From ABC News:
Lohan's Father Arrested on DWI Charge
Finally, her conception explained

From ABC News:
Sen. Clinton Says Iraq Insurgents Failing
Found empty seat on bandwagon

From ABC News:
Bush Once Mistaken for 'Little Scottish Boy'
Helen Thomas on a three-day drunk

From CNN:
Harvard president releases transcript
It flutters to the floor

From CNN:
Thousands flee Congo plague outbreak
World Health Organization surprised, thought people would flock to the plague, not run away

From CNN:
Rehnquist to miss arguments next week
Chief Justice: "I always enjoyed it when Souter and Ginsburg would go at each other"

From KITV:
Shark Scare Closes North Shore Beaches
Will remain closed until residents promise to quit scaring the sharks

From WEWS:
Chopper sets down at strip mall
Pilot thought strip mall meant naked shopping

From CNN:
Bush: No plans to attack Iran
Adds Rumsfeld is an impulse warmonger, so you never know

From BBC:
Gaddafi in surprise Cairo visit
Wrong turn blamed, ended up in south Georgia

From BBC:
Size 'does not matter' for brains
Not true for other organs

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