Sunday, February 13, 2005

Headline News 2005-02-13

From ABC News:
Bank That Bans Customers Inside Robbed
Ban on money being considered

From ABC News:
West, Keys, Usher Top Grammy Contenders
Face each other in "No-Talent Hack" category

From ABC News:
American Nun Shot to Death in Brazil
CNN blames Bush

From ABC News:
Blair Seeks U.S. Support on Global Warming
Bush: "I'm all for it"

From ABC News:
Southern Food Frustrates Health Officials
Official: "They shouldn't be living so long, eating as they do"

From ABC News:
Keanu Reeves Battles Evil Again in 'Constantine'
Final scene of film features battle against Karl Rove

From CNN:
'Potemkin' restored to uncensored glory
1925 classic joins list of restored films that no one will ever watch

From CNN:
Parents challenge weekly Bible classes
Parent: "I don't want my child being taught 'Do unto others' or 'Thou shalt not kill' or 'Honor thy father and mother' or any of that nonsense"

From CNN:
Report: Oil-for-food chief blocked audit
Bush blamed

From CNN:
Shamed Elf director Sirven dies
Will Ferrell remembers him fondly

From CNN:
Hundreds killed in Pakistan floods
Bush blamed

From BBC:
Kibaki defends corruption record
Has held off challenges from Enron, WorldCom

From Washington Post:
Led Zeppelin Awarded Lifetime Achievement Grammy
John Bonham unable to attend

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