Friday, February 18, 2005

Headline News 2005-02-18

From ABC News:
Rock Says Time Delay a 'Safety Net'
Dwayne Johnson concerned about language

From ABC News:
Saturn's Moon Titan a Frozen World
That explains all the ice

From ABC News:
Canceled Hockey Seasons Takes a Toll
Wives have to put up with violent, drunk husbands at home

From ABC News:
Calif. County Wants Pot Certified Organic
Tommy Chong applies for County Certifier position

From ABC News:
Typo Sends Callers to Phone Sex Line
Caller wanted DUCKS Unlimited's phone number

From ABC News:
Grandmother: Mud-Wrestling GI Discharged
Added: "Girl gets excited easy, but we got it all cleaned up"

From ABC News:
U.N. Sex Crimes in Congo
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Russia-Georgia Talks Fail to End Years of Distrust
Waycross residents just don't trust them Russkies

From ABC News:
Why Road Rage Can Boil Over
Because that that other driver IS AN ASS!!

From ABC News:
Pedophile Film Ends Hard-Hitting Berlin Festival
"Michael Jackson Story" a hit

From ABC News:
Rather to Host His Own Farewell Tribute on CBS
Defends decision: "CBS News didn't know whether to crap or go blind, so we decided to close one eye and fart"

From ABC News:
Sens. McCain, Clinton to Visit Iraq
The Ideal Outcome: Two go out, only one comes back

From AJC:
Coke tinkers with new kind of Classic
Executive: "Last time it went over so well, we thought we'd do it again"

From CNN:
Britney Spears angry about published honeymoon photos
Available at

From CNN:
Review: 'Winn-Dixie' charming family fun
'Piggly Wiggly' doesn't live up to hype

From CNN:
NASA: Cosmic blast among brightest recorded
Borg destroy planet, due at Earth by July

From CNN:
Discovery may may help control household pest
Husbands flock to channel

From CNN:
Robot 'learns' to walk like a toddler
But still poops in pants

From CNN:
Housekeeper: Strange man watched Blake's house before wife was slain
Description: White skin, one glove, dressed like Sgt. Pepper

From WCVB:
Fans, Parents Banned From Hockey Game
Cancellation of NHL season finally explained

From WGAL:
Lebanon Considers Ordinance Limiting Residents To 4 Pets
Pennsylvania town cites too many goldfish

From KPRC:
Fight Over Cigarettes Leads To Stabbing
Latest smoking-related death

From KETV:
Good Samaritan Intercepts Bowling Alley Shooting
Returns for touchdown

From CNN:
Nun's murder prompts Amazon crackdown
Barnes & Noble, B. Dalton watching situation closely

From CNN:
Ties vital, Bush to tell Europe
Keeps soup off shirts

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