Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Paris Hilton's Cell Phone Number

And I thought I got a lot of hits from the IMAO link.

A few days ago I posted a little piece based upon another piece or two I read, and quoted those posts from other sites. There were references to Paris Hilton, to her T-Mobile Sidekick, to THE NIGGAS AT DFNCTSC, and to other things that people are searching one. You know, things like "Paris Hilton's T-Mobile was hacked," "GG FGT SLT BTCH! HACKED BY THE NIGGAS AT DFNCTSC," and such.

Turns out that was enough for Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other search engines to pick up that I might have Paris Hilton's cell phone or her cell phone number. Well, I don't. Unless it's
but I don't think that's it. Any longer.

* I'm * not calling it. And don't you call it either. I'm serious; don't do it.


  1. why in the world did u say'NOT 2 CALL HER CELL?i called it and it was her!!!dauh

  2. I think you answered your own question.

  3. I called it and got voicemail.. no proof that it is truly Paris's cell


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