Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Headline News 2006-10-03

From CNN:
Iraq vet derides Bush's 'shallow slogans'
Thinks "Bush lied, people died" works

From CNN:
Justices refuse to ungag Gloria Allred
They've heard her talk

From ABC News:
Ark. Woman Finds Rabid Skunk Under House
Cindy Sheehan found

From ABC News:
Dems Attack Frist for Going Soft on Taliban
Forgot to first become a Democrat

From ABC News:
Drink Called 'Cocaine' Infuriates New York Mayor
Calls label 'misleading,' demands refund

From ABC News:
Detainees Fatten Up At Guantanamo
Army got torture techniques from Hansel & Gretel's witch

From ABC News:
Clown Is Running for Mayor of Alameda
Michael Moore found

From ABC News:
Missing Soldier Buried 90 Years Post-Battle
Never got better

From ABC News:
Two Claim to Be Father of Smith's Baby
Still no clue who mother is

From ABC News:
Foley Lawyer: He Is Gay and Was Molested As a Teen
"I'm just a pervert" defense shelved

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