Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Home Stretch on the Blogroll

On my morning posts of items of interest from the blogroll, I've been doing some serious clean-up.

You see, my blogroll is ... WAY too big.

Oh, I find each and every blog on the roll to be interested. Or found them interesting when I added them.

But with such a large blogroll, I don't go to each and every one every day. I can't. Which means the blogroll is too large.

So, I decided to clean it up. And, since I pick items of interest from the blogroll, I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

I started at the top of my blogroll (the "links here" roll) and clicked on each link. I tried to do about 10 a day.

If the link was dead (blog disappeared), I moved it to a private "missing" blogroll.
If the link was valid, but the site content old (say, a month or more with no updates), I moved it to an "inactive" blogroll.

If the link was valid and the site content current (or nearly so) ... and they didn't link to this little blog, I ensured they were on the "no link" blogroll.

If the link was valid and the site content current (or nearly so) ... and they did link to this little blog, I ensured they were on the "links here" blogroll.

In the sidebar, I have an "abbreviated" blogroll and a "full" blogroll. The full blogroll is actually three separate rolls: links, no-link, & inactive, fully showing, displaying alphabetically.

The abbreviated blogroll is a combined blogroll consisting of the combined links, no-link, & inactive, showing 40, sorted by update. In other words, the 40 most recent ... according to's information, which not every blog reports.
Anyway, I've been through all three blogrolls now. And, they are accurate in description. Or were when I placed them in on of those three rolls.

Now, I'm on the home stretch. I'm using the search to find other blogs that are linking here. And I've found some surprises.

Turns out some blogs I click on regularly ... aren't on my blogroll. I ususally click on them via a TrackBack link they leave. Or the link on a comment they leave. But I found some that weren't on my blogroll ... that I thought were. Boy is my face red.

So, I'm going through the search results and identifying blogs that are interesting, then placing them in the "links" or "no-links" roll ... if they're interesting. Again, some aren't there because I thought they were.

The curse of a too-large blogroll.

Which brings me to my question.

I'll be concluding the perusing of the entire blogroll ... and finishing the clean-up ... real soon. So, what should I do? How would you suggest the best way to handle a too-large blogroll?

Or, is it fine to have a too-large blogroll?

I'm at a loss. I'm hoping for some good advice. Other than buy pills to increase my penis size. Or my bust size. Or offer me penny stocks.


  1. Just make sure you keep me on your roll, purty please. Oh and make sure it's updated to ;-) Thanks and good luck.

  2. It's simple Basil, Keep US, KJEEP US!! The others don't love you like WE do!!

  3. I think some of my links are there because of loyalty. Some of them were the first to visit me and though they don't anymore I leave their links there.

  4. Since I'm all out of pills to increase your penis size *snicker* I'd say it is ok to have a large blogroll. Cause you may be looking for someone you cannot find otherwise, and poof, there they are in your blogroll, how convenient! Actually, I use your blogroll to find blogs I'm too lazy to put on my own . . . Seriously, what do I care, as long as I'm on it *wink, wink*.


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