Thursday, October 5, 2006

Headline News 2006-10-05

From ABC News:
S.C. Mom: Teacher Allowed Foot Stomping
State's biggest Grand Funk Railroad fan

From AP:
Man Seeks Revenge Over Glasses
Elton John questioned

From AP:
Escaped Hamster Interrupts Jet Flight
Richard Gere on airline watch list

From Alaska Star:
Black Bear Eats Family's Chihuahua
Taco Bell opens new Alaska store

From AP:
Case Over Penis-Shaped Toy Rejected by High Court
Plaintiff calls judge a "dick"

From AP:
Brown Widow Pops Up in Mississippi
Che Guevara's wife found

From Reuters:
Police Hunt Breast Enlargement Cheats
Doctor tired of feeling like a boob

From Aljaseera:
Iraq's al-Qaeda leader in video
Remake of "Addicted To Love" features original Palmer Girls

From Reuters:
Ethnic games tainted by cross-dressing cheats
Regular cheats not a problem

From Reuters:
Chilling molestation thriller "Doubt" in L.A.
Foley gets new job

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