Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Promise I Didn't Pee My Pants

Not pee

Despite how things appears, I didn't pee in my pants.

You see, at work, we have marble counters in the mens room sink. So, when I'm done taking care of business, I go over to the sink and wash my hands.

And, since I'm only 6'2'', I have to get close to the sink to reach the soap and the faucet.

Unless I want to bend over at the waist. Which I don't. So I get as close to the sink as I can.

And, since whoever used the sink prior left a lot of water on the countertop, when I moved so close as to actually lean against the countertop, water gets on me.

On my pants, actually.

And, since I'm 6'2'' that puts the water at a really unfortunate location.

And, since this all happens at work and not at home, I have to leave the mens room and walk by people.

With a water spot at a most unfortunate location.

I looked like I peed my pants.

But I didn't.

But I am pissed at whoever used the sink before me.


  1. Sorry about your unfortunate incident. I can help you feel better about your height though. Don't say 6'2" say 5'14". It just sounds bigger.

  2. Perhaps you should keep a waterproof apron in the men's room to wear during the handwashing ritual; or maybe it's time to try Purel.

  3. sure you didn't pee your pants.... you just play it off however makes you feel best, lmao.

  4. I'm just going to say one word--Depends. It's okay, lots of people reach that stage around your age! ;) Oh, and next time could you show us your legs? Just askin'! (And j/k!)

  5. Are you EVER without your camera?
    (Don't answer was a hypothetical question.)


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