Friday, October 27, 2006

Headline News 2006-10-27

From ABC News:
Nicole Richie Seeks Help for Thinness
Researching something called "a meal"

From ABC News:
Wild Pigs Eyed in Tainted Spinach Probe
Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan sought

From ABC News:
Firefighter Ordered to Anger Management
Reclassified as 'Fire Negotiator'

From ABC News:
Cowboys Coach Claims Rat in Salad
Was actually picture of Terrell Owens, Haley apologizes

From ABC News:
Pa. Men Burnt by Wires Get $24 Million
Thankful they weren't molested by priest

From ABC News:
L.A. Clergy Sex Case Settled for $10M
Priest thankful didn't burn altar boys with wires

From ABC News:
Trial Draws Attention to Genital Cutting
News headlines featuring 'genital cutting' also draw attention

From ABC News:
Tax Loopholes Follow Letter, Not Intent, Of Laws
Center for the Obvious releases latest report

From ABC News:
Sudanese Billionaire Offers Cash Prize to Save Africa From Corruption
Throws money at money problem

From ABC News:
Cheney did not back simulated drowning: White House
Still favors holding Howard Dean's head under water

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  1. From the AP:
    Jet with 104 aboard crashes in Nigeria
    Madonna, unfortunately, not on board


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