Thursday, October 19, 2006

Headline News 2006-10-19

From ABC News:
Inmate Slits Throat on Day of Own Execution
Executioner's kids go hungry another day

From ABC News:
Priest Admits to Nude Massage With a Young Foley
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Finding a Conservative Mutual Fund
Democrats decry

From ABC News:
Brown U. Report Seeks Slavery Memorial
Changes name to Black U.

From ABC News:
Fla. Boater Stabbed in Chest by Stingray
Video released by stingrays promise more attacks

From ABC News:
School Scarecrow Display Catches Fire
Wicked Witch blamed

From ABC News:
Dog Wakes Up Man in Burning Alabama Home
Home total loss, man out $150

From ABC News:
Thieves Swipe Statue of Nude Woman
Beavis, Butthead arrested

From ABC News:
Bush tries to boost two endangered Republicans
Gives pep talk to Cheney, self

From ABC News:
Spanish King Denies Shooting Drunk Bear
Actually, I don't have a joke. I just really like this headline.

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