Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Headline News 2006-10-10

From CNN:
John Lennon's killer denied parole

From CNN:
Candidate touts sex with Packers in campaign
Control of house not enough for Dems

From CNN:
Robin Williams on politics: It 'sucks'
Monica Lewinsky: 'You're telling me'

From CNN:
Tigers claim new army offensive
Lead over A's explained

From CNN:
Teen 'wants to buy dungeon house'
Wants place to keep his robot. His girl robot.

From WPBF:
Youth pastor charged with sexual battery
vibrator batteries have dual purpose

From WISN:
Teen makes plea deal after best friend's death
Wants his iPod

From KPRC:
Marine arrested In online sex sting
Was looking for a few good men

From CNN:
Polls: GOP losing grip on married moms
Clinton, Kennedy maintain grip

From CNN:
NASA considers Frenchman for space station stint
Going deer hunting, need accordion

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