Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Headline News 2006-10-25

From CNN:
Skid Row patient dumping probed
Authorities want to know why someone threw away a perfectly good homeless person

From CNN:
UK face transplant gets go-ahead
Teeth still a concern

From CNN:
Madonna blames adoption flap on media
Also wants 13th Amendment repealed

From WFTV:
Body found wrapped in carpet, duct tape
Had wanted hardwood floor

From CNNmoney:
Lessons from Enron: just say 'sorry'
Bill Clinton offers alternative lesson

From CNN:
It's Cobain over Elvis as top-earning dead celeb
Still refusing interviews

From CBS News:
A Long, Winding Road To '08
McCartney runs for President

From CBS News:
Dad Wants Cussing Toy Off Store Shelves
Wants profanity back on prime-time TV where it belongs

From Aljazeera:
Oil and gas discovered in Zambia
Shell station located

From BBC:
Putin attacks Georgia 'war plans'
Waycross mobilizes

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