Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ask Questions. Now!

We're concluding questions for the crew at The Nose On Your Face this weekend. Potfry and Buckley F Williams are scheduled next on the interviews, and we'd like some more questions sent in.

Don't forget that we're also giving away a DVD to someone at the end of the month. Every submission of questions gets in the drawing. We did this in August ... and a questioner from NZ won! She's received her DVD ... though shipping took a few extra days for the DVD to be shipped to New Zealand.

Anyway, if you submit a question for the Blog Interviews, you'll get in the drawing for your choice (within reason) for a DVD.

And this week would be a great time to ask questions of Potfry and Buckley F Williams. Yes, both Potfry and Buckley F Williams were scheduled earlier. Buckley did his interview ... but Potfry had some issues interfere with his scheduled interview.

So, we're taking questions for them now that they have joined forces over at The Nose. So bombard them with questions. It'll be fun.

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