Friday, October 20, 2006

Headline News 2006-10-20

From CNN:
Mac attacks rare but rising
McDonald's ad campaign pays off

From CNN:
Harrison Ford: I'm still 'fit' to play Indiana Jones
Having fits more often

From CNN:
Microsoft releases new Internet Explorer
Redmond calendars now read "2001"

From CNN:
Maltese Church to probe nude Foley claims
Hope to close Nude Gay Congressman gap

From CNN:
Remains found near twin towers site
Bush blamed

From WCVB:
Toxic mold drives family from home
Drops family at hotel, returns home and parties

From WPXI:
Injured dog found in trash bin
Should have been placed in Disposable Mammals bin

From WPXI:
Man faces sentencing in wife's killing
Sentence expected to be shorted than most of wife's naggings

From KIRO:
Seattle unveils new slogan to lure visitors
Old slogan, 'Daily rain, expensive coffee, no-talent bands' didn't lure enough tourists

From KSAT:
Cat-trapping policy angers activists
Dogs defend


  1. i thought for sure i could have been a guest blogger with my "lizzard birthing".

  2. Friday's...

    Basil's Blog: Headline News Right Jokester: Order Me A Fried Coke The Flasher (Hat Tip: The Right Place) (Warning Tobacco use... I don't know either, but the ESRB gives out teen and up rating for that.) The Platypus......


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