Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jumping The Shark

JumpTheSharkI'm looking to start some trouble here. And you can help. Read on.

I guess you've heard the phrase, "Jumping The Shark" huh?

If not ... or if you have but don't know what it's from ... you have to go back to Happy Days.

On September 20, 1977, in the final installment of the Hollywood storyline, Fonzie jumped a shark on water skis, wearing his leather jacket.

The storyline was so bad that it convinced many that Happy Days was done. Fini. Over and out. Past it's prime. Passed on! The show is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet its maker! This is a late TV show. It's a stiff. Bereft of life, it rests in peace, if you hadn't sold it in syndication it would be pushing up the daisies! It's rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible! It is an ex-TV show!

You get my drift.

And the phrase "jumped the shark" eventually entered the language, referring to the point when a TV show is past it's prime, passed on, is no more, has ceased to be ... you get the idea.

Now, just because a show jumps the shark doesn't mean it's gone. Like the famous dead parrot, it may be around for a while yet, albeit dead.

Happy Days literally jumped the shark in episode 91. It ran for 164 more episodes after jumping the shark.

Over at the Jump The Shark Website, there are many, many TV shows listed as having jumped the shark. Some, I agree with. Some, I don't.

But this isn't about TVs. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm wondering if I can start some trouble here. And you can help.

Consider this: What blogs have jumped the shark? And when?



  1. I would Ms Malkin wagging her finger at Ms. Underestimated and Wild Bill for doing what she's done herself ;)

  2. Jumping the shark...

    Here's a question to TFM readers- Has the Knucklehead of the Day awards jumped the shark? Leave a comment with your opinion....

  3. OH basil, you are so bad! LOL I have a different take on the whole blog thing jumping the shark - I like to call them a "sell out" and I'm keeping my mouth shut! LOL ;-) Great topic though.

  4. Not just blogs, but Internet Service Providers as well. I logged on to AOL yesterday and found a poll regarding the GOP. A poll taken by AOL members revealed that 72% of Americans wanted the GOP ousted. Talk about Moonbat Central.

    Dear God, please send Republicans out in force on election day. Pretty please, with sugar on top!

  5. [...] basil talks about Jumping the Shark, the blog shark that is. Heh. Oh hell yeah, you have to go read that one and comment, I’m just as curious as he is on the topic. [...]

  6. RodeoOfTheMind.com has jumped the shark.

    Well, not really... it never even made it up on the water skis!




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