Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Headline News 2006-10-18

From ABC News:
Turkey Testicle Festival Can Keep Name
Still think they're nuts

From ABC News:
Simpson Fights to Keep Publicity Rights
Bart files suit

From ABC News:
Marijuana-like compound may fight Alzheimer's
Still forgetful, but for different reason

From CNN:
Rome subway reopens after crash
Offers toasted subs half-price

From CNN:
Unusual meteorite found in Kansas
Oz demands it back

From CNN:
Scientists create new element
Wemadeitupandyoucantproveotherwiseium announced

From CNN:
Jupiter's smaller spot getting redder
Enters puberty

From CNN:
Mars images show rover perched on crater
Scientists plead not to jump

From CNN:
Teen's tongue piercing linked to extreme facial pain
Experts shocked to learn poking holes in body causes pain

From CNN:
Chris Rock's mom: Cracker Barrel discriminated
Refused to seat obnoxious comic's obnoxious family

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