Monday, October 2, 2006

Bribery. Again.

In August, we tried giving away a DVD to those that submitted questions for the Blog Interviews.

It worked. We got a lot of responses. Or a lot of questions. Which was what we were after.

Well, we didn't do the DVD drawing for September questions. And we didn't get a lot of questions. And that bothers me.

You see, we had some really, really interesting bloggers answering questions. And, quite honestly, we should have received a lot more questions. Like we did in September.

So, bribery again. We're putting every submission into a drawing. And, at the end of October, we'll draw a winner for a DVD.

Maybe you'll win. Like our our August winner did.

Anyway, submit a question to one of the upcoming bloggers. Any of them. And, if we draw your questions, you'll win a DVD from Which DVD? Well, I'll let the winner choose. As long as it's reasonable and in stock. I'll buy it and send it out to the winner.

So, send in your questions. And please, PLEASE, use the links on the Upcoming Interviews page. I have them for a reason. Just typing something in the subject doesn't always work. And they won't get counted in the entries, because of the way I've set it up. So use the email links, okay?

Ask your questions! Win a prize!

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    I well recall Chicago Police having to argue with my classmates, girl classmates, about not doing what an armed would be abductor tells them to do. The Police told us to refuse to follow orders and some of the girls, steeped in gun control stories, arg...


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