Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New York City Tax Dollars At Work

Every so often, I'll check SiteMeter to see who comes to visit this little blog. Or why they came here. And I'll find that sometimes they came here after searching for something.

Well, yesterday, we had a visitor from New York City. And not just from New York City, but from the New York City government. That's

And what was someone in the New York City government searching for?

Naked pre-teens.

I mean, what else would a city worker be Googling for?

The Big Apple is paying someone to search for naked pre-teens. At work.

New York City tax dollars at work.

UPDATE: The Man from GOP and the City suggests the title should have been "NYC Worker - Hard at Work"! Heh. That's a lot better than what I had.

Any other suggestions?


  1. So are you gonna report the SOB?

  2. Well, I *did* post it on the Internet. Perhaps someone who's paying taxes in NYC might wish to take it further.

  3. NYC Worker - Hard at Work...

    guess Basil did not have what the city worker was looking for. But this brings up a key question.

    Did Mark Foley get a job with the city of New York?...

  4. Just a suggestion- I get these all the time and I've found the best thing to do is to forward it to the FBI, and the ISP. Not only does it alert them to the sick perv... but it gets rather therapeutic after about the 100th time.

  5. Title suggestion: This job sucks (I wish).


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