Thursday, October 26, 2006

Headline News 2006-10-26

From ABC News:
Throwing Eggs Far From Harmless Prank, Doctors Warn
Suggest waiting until egg is out of the chicken

From ABC News:
Deadliest Month for U.S. Troops in Nearly 2 Years
Last time Democrats were running for Congress

From ABC News:
Man on Trial for Circumcising 2-Year-Old Daughter
Botched job turned little Billy into little Billie

From ABC News:
Jesus Is Black in New Controversial Film
Shocking film suggests 1st century Jewish carpenter was not from Western Europe

From ABC News:
Ground Zero Bones Said to Contain Usable DNA
Offered to Michael J Fox

From ABC News:
Vandals set buses on fire in French suburbs
Stench from riot almost noticable over typical Frenchman

From ABC News:
Russian Space Ship Doesn't Dock Properly
First homosexual spacecraft hailed as 'milestone'

From ABC News:
U.S. Alters Its Spelling of Ukraine City
Still contains 17 consonants, 1 vowel

From ABC News:
Danish Paper Acquitted in Cartoon Libel Trial
Satan refuses to allow Mohammed off work to testify
From ABC News:
Md. Fishermen Rescue a Swimming Deer
Still searching for flying pig


  1. Courts Reject Intent: Cartoon Lawsuit...

    The verdict: Not Libel...No proof that Cartoons intended to spark the mayhem...To me, the most Confusing images were of Muslim rioters, burning the properties of other Muslims, in protest. Now they need to pay for their Euphoria......

  2. [...] They’re certainly giving us a lot of provocation (timed for our election I might add, look at the second item down). I sympathize with Al-Maliki’s predicament, but as they say in my daughter’s class, “tough nuggies”. We’ll do what we want until he or another Iraqi government asks us to leave. I suspect he’s well aware of that. The level of cooperation between US and Iraqi forces depends on the shared interests of both. To the extent that the political leadership’s interests diverge from ours, we’ll do what we think best, and collateral damage to the government’s comfort may just be what they have to bear. That damage is mostly to support from some of Iran’s pawns in Iraq, namely the Sadrists. (The Badrists and even Dawans have hitched their wagon to the American Horse and are pulling the reigns ever tighter. I wonder how that makes Tehran feel?) [...]

  3. Three Random Word Weekend, Reading List and OTP...

    Today’s Unique, Self-Educating Referrer (U.S-E.R.) demonstrates that The Random Yak (Mountain, here, my) ranks #9 on a Google search for “list of random words any three words.” (tortoise, eggshell, marigold).
    In the interest of impr...

  4. Who will tell the chickens?...

    From ABC News-

    WASHINGTON Oct 19, 2006 (AP)... The Ukrainian capital of Kiev is now Kyiv, as far as the U.S. government is concerned. And the State Department says the spelling change has nothing to do with American hopes of wooing the o ......


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