Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Headline News 2006-10-24

From ABC News:
Chicago Voter Database Hacked
Hackers allow live voters to vote

From ABC News:
CNN, NPR will not promote Bush assassination movie
Just want to see soldiers killed, not Commander In Chief

From ABC News:
Ethiopia's "Lucy" to be exhibited in United States
Will pull football from Ethiopia's "Charlie Brown"

From ABC News:
Iran's President Calls For Baby Boom
Wants dynamite on toddlers

From ABC News:
Toddler Gets Stuck in Vending Machine
Parent spends $30 in quarters to retrieve child

From ABC News:
Jailer Fired for Using Toy Gun on Inmate
Remaining jailers promise to use real guns on inmates

From ABC News:
Ape Scolded for Pulling Fire Alarm
Also toilet-papered zoo owner's car

From ABC News:
Couple End Up Catching Dog in Fla. Bay
Was fishing for cats

From ABC News:
Swedish Authorities Question Bear Attack
Boo Boo offers alibi for Yogi

From ABC News:
Hurricane Paul Weakens to Tropical Storm
Hurricane Ringo gathers strength

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