Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Big Sister's Headlines: 2/1/05

Suicides tarnish the Golden Gate
Gosh, I thought it was rust...

Next step has entirely new set of challenges
You see, it's 5'4" above the step below, and covered in baby oil...

Kids' antidepressant use declines
Hey, they watch TV all day, yell at teachers, yell at their parents, get allowances, play video games instead of doing homework...what do they have to be depressed about?

Prisoner-abuse case scrutinized
Looking for novel ways to conceal bruising...

Officials free flu shots for general use
But the other officers must pay...

Former Cat Stevens Visits Indonesia
Hungrily looking for strange sea creatures washed ashore; Stevens legally changed name to Garfield...

Dems Propose Extending Military Death Pay
That ought to make them feel much better about dying...

Annan Selects Clinton for Tsunami Effort
The last tsunami was such a good one, Clinton has been observed practicing huffing and puffing...


  1. HA! especially the one about the death pay. keep it up! i'll keep reading!
    btw....congrats on your play. being here in CA i wasn't able to see it, but one of your sisters, i think it was the mean sister (who's 5'6") said it was good.

  2. The Big Sister (who's 5'4")February 2, 2005 at 1:31 AM

    Thanks, moehawk!
    The play was fun; I am sad it's over...


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