Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Headline News 2005-02-02

From ABC News:
Man Again Sent to Prison for Junk in Yard
Fred Sanford eligilbe for parole in 2007

From ABC News:
Woman Pleads Guilty to Selling Fake Beer
Will spend 90 days in fake jail

From ABC News:
Groundhog Predicts More Wintry Weather
Bill Murray snowed in

From ABC News:
Are bloggers journalists? Do they deserve press protections?
Actually, press wants protection from bloggers

From ABC News:
Depression May Be Monkey Business, Too
Dr. Zaius promises cure

From ABC News:
German Unemployment Hits Post-WWII Record
Bush Blamed

From ABC News:
Large Surplus of Flu Vaccine
Bush Blamed

From ABC News:
Flu Season a Mild One... So Far
Bush Blamed

From ABC News:
Jackson Judge Calls Jury Pool Sufficient
Removal of diving board allows everyone to be in

From CNN:
Role as mom to guide Spellings
To star in updated episodes of "Family Ties"

From CNN:
Bloggers get set for State of the Union
I, for one, will watch "Bourne Supremacy" on DVD at 9:00 ET

From CNN:
Washington Republican to lead ethics committee
Committee's charge: Find our What 'ethics' thing is

From CNN money:
Stocks on a roll
With a side order of chips

Dogs May Have Attacked, Killed Horse
Were afraid horse would tell authorities of canines' weekly poker game

From The Denver Channel:
Stun Gun Used On Woman With Metal Pole
Stripper arrested

From The Denver Channel:
Serial Bank Robber 'Mr. Magoo' Strikes Again
Thinks he's been holding up liquor store

From The Denver Channel:
Naked Woman Caught With Teen Wrestler Sent To Hospital
Found out 'Piledriver' wasn't what she thought it was

From News.Telegraph:
Bush to finally mention Iraq
Will be accompanied by "See, I told you so"

From Kansas City Star:
Castro calls Bush 'deranged,' says Cuba is 'heaven'
Also, Black is 'White,' Up is 'Down,' Dogs are 'Cats'

From Boost Marketing:
Why The New Microsoft Search Engine Will Succeed
It returns me as top search result for "basil's blog" while Google returns me as the 10th result

From TechWorld:
Windows security bypass is not security threat, claims Microsoft
Also: Famine no cause for hunger, Water no cause of wetness


  1. what gets me is that 3, not just one, or two, but 3 people bought those non-existant cases of Duff beer. C'mon, folks, The Simpsons and all products featured on the show are just "make believe"...."imaginary"...friggin' CARTOONS, for crying out loud!
    sorry for saying "friggin'" on your blog, basil.

  2. "Swiggum should have been stopped before she met the Colorado boys, Babi said... Babi said the city should have had agreements with hotels and motels to better screen suspicious women."


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