Saturday, February 5, 2005

Hire Me, Michelle!

Michelle Malkin received a rejection notice from Google regarding her query about being a Google News source. Since Wonkette is a source, it seems a fair question. However, they tell Michelle that she doesn't qualify:
Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your note. We have reviewed but cannot include it in Google News at this time. We do not include news-related blogs or other news-related sites that are written and maintained by a single individual. Similarly, we do not include sites that do not have a formal editorial review process. We appreciate your taking the time to contact us and will log your site for consideration should our requirements change.

The Google Team
Read the entire article here.

I enjoy reading Michelle's blog. And the wife and I enjoy watching her appearances on TV. Just this week, while Michelle was on Fox & Friends and I was walking through the living room, the wife stopped me, pointed to the TV and said "I like her." The wife doesn't read blogs (even mine) and didn't know her from the blog. The point is, we like her. And when I read of her difficulties with Google, I e-mailed her and offered to help:
Regarding your being excluded from Google News as a news source, consider the following:

Google excludes "sites that are written and maintained by a single individual." To resolve this problem, I offer my services as a Headline News Writer. My salary requirements are $ 0.25 per year, non-negotiable. If accepted, hold on to the cash until we meet at a White House dinner. (It might be a while before I get an invite there, so...)

Google does "not include sites that do not have a formal editorial review process." Again, subject to my being hired, I recommend all my submissions be glanced over once before being trashed.

These would remove the obstacles listed by Google and allow a bit of sanity into their list of blogs-as-news-sources.

If accepted for employment at the conditions stated above, let me know what forms you need.
I'll let you know if she responds.


  1. I won't be holding my breath for her to write back.

  2. Nice proposal. lol...she might respond, ya never know.

  3. Michele's cool. She's emailed me back every time I've emailed her. Plus she even linked to me once. After I gave her a gmail invite.

  4. But really, if you were her, would you e-mail me?

    I didn't think so.

  5. I think she probably will. That's some funny stuff.

  6. If I were her, it would be really weird. Cause she's like, a chick.

  7. Yeah, and her name's all different, and stuff.

  8. ANCOG:
    Funny? Did I come across as funny? I was serious. Which means I don't get to add working for her to my resumé.

    You know I'm so tempted to quote Steve Martin don't you? I'll refrain.

  9. Basil's Done Gone Thinking Again

    Basil (not his real name) wants to help Michelle Malkin get her blog listed as a news site since she got rejected by Google and all. I think he's onto something....

  10. "...I offer my services at a Headline News Writer." Did you mean "as a?"

  11. Mr. Fu:
    And you can come along at a proof-reader. Uh, as a proof-reader.

    It's now an even better deal. You can't pass this one up!

  12. Blog-o-lution.

    Some agree some dont. This is a touchy subject... but I think Basil has a funny solution.

  13. Dear Michelle Malkin

    I also have found the Google News folks to be a bit less than objective in which sites they feel are worthy. To be frank, they expose a severe leftward slant. Despite that, I think they must be forced to play within their own set of rules.

    basil h...

  14. Basil, you & the Confederate Yankee won't be able to help Michelle get noted as a news source on Google. Both of your sites (which I enjoy) lean too far to the right and don't use nearly enough profanity. Only Bush bashing, anti-conservative, profanity laden, leftwing bloggers write the truth(Doesn't everybody know that?). Now if you could convince her to drop the F Bomb a couple of times on her opening pages like Wonkette does and post a couple of doctored pictures of W with farm animals, well then she'd have a chance.

  15. Best I can do is add Wonkette to my BlogRoll. That shows I'm an L³, right?

  16. The Jawa Report IS a Google News Source

    You know, just in case Michelle, Charles, Jeff G., Rob, Wayne, this chick, Basil, Spacemonkey, Confederate Yankee, Jeff, Zonker, David, Uncle, etc...were wondering. (Not a joke: click)...

  17. Join the Flood

    Not those evil bouncey things in Halo, but the example of Basil that is leading to a flood of copy cat offers to edit for Miss Malkin to fix her being blocked as a Google News Source. He is even dragging me into this!

  18. The Big Sister (who's 5'4")February 7, 2005 at 1:00 PM

    I think you ought to tell her of your years of experience as a News Director for an ABC affiliate so she'll take you seriously. Otherwise, she might think you're a high school kid out to win a bet...

  19. Google News Pulling from Blogs?

    Critical Mass has some interesting observations regarding Google news pulling from Blogs.

    And this, right after LGF and Michelle received rejection letters because they don't have a screening process in place for their content.

    I love the my.Yaho...

  20. Hire Basil Already

    I still think Michelle ought to hire Basil. Then he'd leave me the hell alone!


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