Sunday, February 6, 2005


I hear there's a football game down in Jacksonville tonight. That's Jacksonville, Florida, just in case you're confused or work for the Washington Post. Read Tony Kornheiser's column if you haven't. [tip: Wizbang] Yeah, it's funny. And if that was his point, great. But I think he really feels that way.

He puts down Jacksonville pretty rough. And, yeah, it's funny. But I wonder some things. If Jacksonville had the murder rate of Washington, DC, would Kornheiser would be happier?

He talks about the smell. The only odd smell I remember from being at 1400 Adams Street (the Gator Bowl; call it Alltel Stadium if you like) is the smell of coffee from the nearly Maxwell House plant.

Jacksonville isn't what Kornheiser thinks of as Florida. And that's a standing joke about that city: "What's the largest city in south Georgia? Jacksonville." Actually, it is indeed north Florida because most of the people there are actually from Florida. Unlike his beloved South Beach.

Now, I've been to Washington. I was stationed at Ft. Belvoir for training some years ago. The Washington Metro buses run there. You can hop the bus to Huntington Station, then catch the Metro train to just about anywhere. There is a lot of history in Washington, and I must say I enjoyed my visits while there in the Army, and later as a civilian.

I've been to Jacksonville. In fact, I've worked there. I know my way around fairly well, not as good as the locals, but better than a tourist. Jacksonville has some rough areas. In fact, the infamous Washington DJ "The Greaseman" was DJ at the Big Ape for some years, and used to tell some interesting stories about Jacksonville. One of the bits involved trips with the police to "Zone Three," named after the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office patrol designation. Zone Three included Eighth and Main. You still don't want to be caught there.

Washington is Jacksonville's Eighth and Main, only city-wide. And if I've upset anyone from Washington, oh well.

I would go back to Washington on vacation again. But I'd live in Jacksonville.

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  1. The Big Sister (who's 5'4")February 6, 2005 at 3:05 PM

    I like Jacksonville, too. Oh, almost half-time...gotta go see Paul!

  2. I'll give you Southeast and Northeast DC, but the rest of Washington is beautiful. I would say "city-wide" is a bit of an exaggeration. You have to understand that Kornheiser, although very funny, does not speak for all of us.

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