Sunday, February 6, 2005

Headline News 2005-02-06

From ABC News:
Indonesia Reportedly Mulls Kissing Ban
Kissing Right Guard, Secret considered but rejected

From ABC News:
Woman, 73, Jailed for Feeding Pigeons
Jane & Michael Banks being sought as accomplices

From ABC News:
In Ariz., Rock May Be Named for Dead Pet
Unfortunately, it won't come when you call it, either

From ABC News:
Cookie Delivery Sparks $900 Medical Bill
Woman needed to have head removed from her butt

From ABC News:
Worried Georgians Mourn Prime Minister
Waycross residents not sure who the guy was, but feel sorry for his family

From ABC News:
Ford Recalling Nearly 359,000 Focus Cars
Former President remembers every vehicle he ever saw

From ABC News:
Couple May Sue Over Discarded Embryo
Defense calling it pre-emptive abortion

From ABC News:
Dr. Laura's Son to Join Special Forces
Exects it to be easier than living up to her standards

From ABC News:
Rice Says 'Hard Decisions' Await Israel
Must decide if to attack Iran this week or next

From CNN:
The best thing Green Day has ever done
Two-year hiatus

From CNN:
Foxx takes lead actor award
Wrestles it from Jerry Orbach's widow, Elaine

From CNN:
Cheney: 'I will not run' for president
Having served behind scenes for two terms, Constitution prohibits

From BBC:
Guantanamo 'leaves mental scars'
Beheadings leave physical scars

From New York Times:
Going for Broke May Break Bush
Hoping to avoid hotels on Park Place, Boardwalk, land on "Go"

Pope's own words for blessing, not a recording say Vatican
Rob Pilatus, Fabrice Morvan's voices not used at mass


  1. "Unfortunately, it won't come when you call it, either"

  2. spacemonkey:
    Not too bad. Surprisingly to me, I got almost as much residual from Wonkette's link to the fake Michael Moore site. They were either very amused or very upset, I'm not sure which. But no one left any flaming bags on the doorstep.



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