Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Bear In The Cave

I had an unusual dream the other night.

We were in the woods. Now, I'm not sure exactly who "we" were, but "we" were in the woods.

And, it wasn't exactly the woods. It was a lightly wooded area, it seems. Not clear land, but with trees. Not exactly sparse, but not heavily wooded. But enough to call it "the woods."

And we were making our way through the woods. And came upon a clearing.

The clearing was not a shaded clearing. Not exactly. But not overly bright. Probably it was not an overly bright day. It was just a day in my dream.

But the clearing was there, and we entered it.

That's when we heard the noise. It was coming from the cave.

Turns out there was a cave in the clearing in the woods. And we heard this noise coming from it.

No one was sure at first what the noise was, but coming from a cave, and with my apparent knowledge of animal sounds (which I had in the dream, but don't have in real life), I knew what it was.

It was a bear.

There was a bear in the cave. The cave in the clearing. The clearing in the woods. The woods we were walking through in my dream.

I told everyone else to be careful, to stay back. And I made my way towards the cave.

Carefully, ever so carefully, I approached the cave. I didn't want to startle the bear, I didn't want to harm the bear, but I knew that I had to approach the cave wherein there was a bear.

And I approached, wary, but certain that I had to approach.

That's when I woke up with the Wife snoring in my ear.

Fortunately for me, she doesn't read this little blog. Or this very well might be my last post.


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