Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gettin' Cats Out of the Tree

White Trash WednesdaysY'all seen that video of that cat in the tree? Well, here it is.

Thgis This lady got her cat stuck up in a tree. Back on the 13th. And the darn thing stayed tehre. for like a week.

She up and called the fire department go get it down. And the darn thing fell like 80 feet, landed on its feet and belly, then run off.

Heck, I could have saved her lots of money. Give me some rocks and I could have got that cat out of the tree, I tell you what. Wouldn't have needed the fire department, that'f for sure.

Unless the rocks didn't work, and I'd 'a' had to 'a' set the tree on fire. That way, the cat would have got down, and the fire department would 'a' got them something to do more than shake a box of Little Friskies 80 foot up in the air.

So,anyway, I got to wondering. How would you have got that cat down from the tree cheaper than however many dollars it cost to send out the fire department?

I suspect y'all can come up with some good ones. Let me know what y'all think.

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