Monday, March 13, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-13

From ABC News:
Woman Faces Fine for Supporting Troops
And that's fine with her

From ABC News:
Woman Gets Beer From Her Kitchen Faucet
Knows how to please her man

From ABC News:
Milosevic Had Unprescribed Anti-TB Drug in Blood
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Woman Finds Crocodile in Swimming Pool
Embarrased homeowner: "They are always in the last place you look"

From ABC News:
Newlywed Gets Cuddling Ticket Tossed
No longer has to cuddle, can roll over and go to sleep

From ABC News:
Man Wins 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' Contest
Defied one-in-three odds to take crown

From ABC News:
Police Rescue Moose Tangled in Swingset
Moose now ready to try the slide

From ABC News:
Blind Reporter Marries at Yankee Stadium
Sportsfan spouse told her it was St. Patrick's Cathedral

From ABC News:
Bush Shocked by Arrest of Former Adviser
Always thought Cheney would be the first to fall

From ABC News:
Gambling Rising As a College Campus Danger
Still not as popular as Hide-The-Salami


  1. Monday...

    Cox and Forkum: CAIRful Basil's Blog: Headline News Terriorists: So Ya' Wanna' Be A Crunchy Con Nose On Your Face: How Big Is Russy? Sooo Big! Right Jokester: Drudge Report Exclusive Scrappleface: Senator Calls for Bush Censure, Time Out......

  2. Rock, Paper, Scissors Wins A Trip To Vegas...

    Either we have people with literally too much time on their hands, or it is a very slow news day.


    SARASOTA, Fla. Mar 11, 2006 (AP)— It all came down to this: Jason Wood threw a "rock," crushing Erin Smith's "scissors" an...

  3. My Attempts at the Headline Gig...



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