Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-01

From CNN:
Atlantis slated for 2008 retirement
Utopia to remain active until 2012

From CNN:
Scientists: T. rex ferocious killer, or bad dancer?
"Jurassic Park IV: Brokeback Dinosaurs" to be released this summer

From ABC News:
Blood-Sucking Monster Haunts Texas Residents
Ann Richards considers comeback

From ABC News:
NWA, Delta Pilots Face Deadline on Deals
Jeff Jarrett to referee steel cage match

From ABC News:
Parents Sue Over Test Claiming to Tell Baby's Sex
Makers of the EPT Coin Flip Device claim 50% reliability

From ABC News:
Bird Flu Found in Cat in Germany
Germans tought dey taw a tick putty tat

From ABC News:
Strip Club Operator Runs for School Board
Says able to relate to teachers who molest and marry students

From ABC News:
Spying on Princess Diana?
Princess avoids cameras for 8½ years

From ABC News:
'Felicity' Falls For a Flesh Eater
Lynne Cheney vows to fight for her man

From ABC News:
Pamela Anderson to host Canadian music awards
To be renamed "The Golden Globes"

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