Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-22

From Chicago Sun-Times:
Man Severs Own Penis, Throws It at Officers
Officers unfazed: 'No big deal'

From Associated Press:
Man Leaves Wife's Severed Head at Gas Station
Would forget his own head if it wasn't attached to his neck

From Reuters:
Tax Rebel Sends Threatened Gnomes Into Hiding
Elves, Sprites, Pixies offer support

From CNN:
New Orleans campaign trail stops in Georgia
Nagin, Landrieu away so long, couldn't tell Atlanta from New Orleans

From CNN:
NASA to employees: Be more careful!
Agency nearly out of shuttles

From CNN:
Shedding light on slavery in the north
Model of 2006 Democratic party studied

From ABC News:
Kennedy Cousin Skakel Loses Murder Appeal
Should have drowned her

From ABC News:
One third of French say they are racist: survey
Robert Byrd traces ancestry back to Europe

From ABC News:
Corning Develops Heavy Metal-Free Glass
Hip Hop-Free, Country Western-Free glass still a dream

From ABC News:
Rumsfeld asks general overseeing Iraq war to stay
Also to sit, roll over

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