Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-28

From ABC News:
Malaysia Opens Drive-In Massage Parlor
Large prostitutes available when customers ask to "Super Size" it

From ABC News:
Europeans Giving Blood Money to Iraq Insurgents
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Big Brother Watching: Nude Photos Up for Sale?
Jeb Bush put in his place

From ABC News:
France Braces for Nationwide Strike
Service levels expected to drop 5-7%

From ABC News:
Bear Wrestler, Owner Criticized by PETA
Bear challenges PETA to a Texas Cage Death Match

From ABC News:
'Pillcam' Shows Esophagus Damage
Damage blamed on swallowing camera

From ABC News:
Boy, 3, Gets Trapped Inside Toy Machine
Took parents 733 quarters to get him out

From ABC News:
Man Is Charged $4,300 for Four Burgers
Hardee's ups price of Six-Dollar Burger

From ABC News:
Man Accidentally Divorces Wife in Sleep
First peacful sleep he's had in years

From ABC News:
Dakota Sioux Language Saved by Scrabble
Still can't properly spell, or pronounce, 'Sioux'

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