Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-21

From ABC News:
Woman Pleads No Contest to Finger Biting
Wendy's was closed

From ABC News:
Meet NASCAR's First Black Qualifier in 20 Years
Running from cops invades domain of running moonshine

From ABC News:
Iraq War Enters 4th Year With More Deaths
World shocked that war involves deaths

From ABC News:
Oleg Cassini Conveyed Elegance and Mystique
Makes a good-looking corpse

From ABC News:
Space Station Crew Makes Room for New Team
Cowboys to leave Dallas before 2006 season starts

From ABC News:
Smokers often die prematurely: study
Same study: Sun often rises in east

From ABC News:
Beatles reissue 1965 releases in boxed set
John Lennon, George Harrison decline to comment

From WTAE:
Cops seeking Vaseline-covered crook
Night sticks go in much smoother

From WCVB:
Crackdown on 'criminal aliens' nets 60
Mulder, Scully sting nabs suspects

From KGTV:
For some teens, Tylenol is the new pot
Side effects include pain relief

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