Thursday, March 23, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-23

From ABC News:
Wily Coyote Captured in Central Park
Road Runner gave tip to police

From ABC News:
Lost in space: Russian gear, US paperwork
Will Robinson, Dr. Smith blamed

From ABC News:
Canadian ferry sinks, 99 people rescued
Bob, Doug McKenzie still missing

From ABC News:
Canada ferry sinks, all 101 aboard safe: officials
Bob, Doug McKenzie found

From ABC News:
Internet Creating Web Celebs
Glenn Reynolds explained

From ABC News:
Does Dr. Phil Have the Best Hair?
Keeps it in a box

From ABC News:
Man held for tossing harmless package at White House
Told to include bomb next time

From KGTV:
'Miracle dog' survives 100-foot plunge
Was chasing cat*

From WESH:
Don't drink and pet the tiger
New euphamism latest fad

From KETV:
Police: Men found living with dead body
Now understand why roommate was always late with rent

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