Thursday, March 16, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-16

From ABC News:
Police: 3 Dead at Denny's Restaurant in Calif.
Grand Slam claims more victims

From ABC News:
Man Gets 5 Years in Fast Food Strip Search Ploy
Showed his McNuggets

From ABC News:
FCC: CBS Facing $3.6M Fine for Indecency
A year later, Dan Rather's legacy lives

From ABC News:
Tax Cheats Still Get Work from Government
Congress still in session

From ABC News:
Hot pepper kills prostate cancer cells in study
Inserting them still hurts

From ABC News:
South Korea gets rare yellow snowfall
Advice to not eat it still valid

From Associated Press:
Voters Return Dead City Councilman to Office
Accomplished more since death than in previous years of service

From KGTV:
Men sentenced for pimping their wives
"Pimp My Ride II" cancelled

From KETV:
Homeless get primer on opera
Firefox next

From CNN:
Jennie Garth pregnant
Bush blamed

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  1. Yea Basil..I'll pimp them alright...straight to the electric chair...see how X-citing that feels!


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