Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-08

From CNN:
Woman loses frozen embryo battle
Embryos knock out woman in 3rd round

From WTAE:
Police: Grandmother, 75, led 40mph chase
Had blinker on the whole time

From KCRA:
Disabled man found neglected, living in filth
Bush blamed

From WEWS:
Police: Boy pulls knife at Sunday school
Debate over Free Will vs Predestination reaches fever pitch

From KPRC:
Parrot fever fear leads to quarantine
Comes on heels of Rabbititis outbreak

From CNN:
Prosecutor: 'He lied and 3,000 people died'
Bush trial continues

From CNN:
Coroner: Peanut-butter kiss didn't kill teen
Charges dropped, Nutter-Butter Man released

From CNN:
ABC's Woodruff able to speak, starting to walk
Now able to do more than most news anchors

From The Advertiser:
Lotto Man Blows $2.5 Million ... on Women
Only regret: Couldn't get a blow in return

From BBC News:
Sudan Man Forced to 'Marry' Goat
Jim Breuer's parents found


  1. sounds to me like the Lotto man got his money's worth

    Beats blowing one's money on stocks and bonds

  2. "Sudan Man Forced to 'Marry' Goat"

    Dreams of joining Mesa Fire Department


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