Friday, March 3, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-03

From ABC News:
Study: The Earth Is Melting at Both Ends
Dorthy Gale tosses water, takes Earth's broom

From ABC News:
'Brokeback' Inspires Gay-Themed Parodies
Mel Brooks plans sequel: 'Flaming Saddles'

From ABC News:
Nipple Pincher Gets Juvenile Detention
Must write 1000 times, 'Milk, milk, lemonade, ...'

From ABC News:
Man Accused of Rigging Apartment to Blow
If convicted and sentenced to prison, may get many chances to blow

From ABC News:
20-Foot 'Super Colon' Visits Ohio
Michael Moore begins tour

From ABC News:
Palestinians give back $30 mln in US aid
Found bombs on sale, had surplus funds

From ABC News: Chairman May Step Down
To launch

From CNN:
Al Qaeda infiltration feared by Palestinians, Abbas says
Worried terrorists would be bad influence on terrorists

From CNN:
U.S. State Department creates new office for Iran
Office of Crazy Terrorist State Affairs opens

From Associated Press:
Lingerie Store Stops Using Live Models
Local funeral home to furnish dead models

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