Friday, March 31, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-31

From ABC News:
Saint Louis Zoo Euthanizes Elder Orangutan
Dr. Zaius had been ill for over 10 years

From ABC News:
Apple Computer mounts defense in Beatles lawsuit
Yoko blamed

From CNN:
Dutch asked to host Taylor trial
Out of work cartoonists get jobs as security guards

From CNN:
Cyclone Glenda hits Australia
Australia threatens to tell mom if Glenda doesn't stop hitting her

From WESH:
Man punished for soda prank
Coca-Cola company denies test-marketing Mello Yello II

From CNN:
30 years for Bush assassination plot
Judge told defendent to aim better next time

From ABC News:
Philly Plumbers Upset by Waterless Urinals
Says trees belong outdoors

From ABC News:
Man Crashes Car After Snake Attacks Him
Drive-thru country church franchise suffers setback

From ABC News:
Police Chase Ends at the Drive-Thru
Won't be only whopper he'll be eating this week

From AJC:
McKinney faces arrest over security incident
Bush blamed

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