Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hello Ladies!

Sorry, guys. This is for the ladies.

Actually, ladies, I'd like you to do something for me.

You may have noticed that we do a thing here on weekends called Blog Interviews. During the week ... heck, any time at all ... we'll take questions for any of the bloggers listed on the list of upcoming blog interviews.

And, if you check out the Blog Interviews main page, you'll see that we like to post interviews with the guys on Saturday, and interviews with the girls on Sunday.

But here's the thing. We have a lot more guys signed up than girls.

Now, I'm not asking the guys to stop volunteering. Not at all. But I am asking the ladies to consider volunteering for an interview.

If you're not sure what it's all about, ladies, check out some of the previous interviews.

See? Not so bad now, is it?

And you can pump your friends to send in questions! And we all know how the ladies like to talk and ask questions, don't we?

Ooops! I'm not helping my cause at all, am I? Uh... what I meant to say is ... uh ... mmmm ... that, um ... hmmmm ... oh, yeah ... that the ladies ... and your friends in particular ... always ask the most interesting questions. Yeah. That's what I meant! Honest!

Seriously, if you've been considering signing up for an interview ... go ahead and do it. As of this moment, I think all the ladies that have signed up have been scheduled. Unless I missed one by mistake. Or if one of the unscheduled bloggers is actually a lady masquerading as a guy. Hey, it could happen.

But, we have enough guys lined up to take us to about 2017. Well, okay, not that far. But for about seven more months. So, we have more guys than girls.

So, ladies, think about it. Consider signing up for a blog interview.

You'll be glad you did. Well, maybe not. But it'll be fun. Well, maybe not. But we'll sure give it our best shot.

Oh, one other thing. Any of you ladies that are coming up for an interview ... or any that have already been interviewed ... urge some of the other blogger chicks (c'mon ... you know you like being called that!) to sign up!

And, if you have more than one blog, sign up again. If you have a group blog, sign up for a group interview. That's right ... gang up on us!

Ladies, I do hope you consider going to this page, clicking the link, and signing up. It will be fun.


  1. hmmm really interesting. sign me up. :D

  2. Basil on the hunt …...


  3. You can sign up for this? Sheesh, I thought it was by invitation or nomination only.

  4. Yeah, just let me know that you're interested. Using one of the links is best. That sends it to the correct email address (I have one set aside just for this) and I use Gmail's folders to keep things only slightly disorganized.

    As a side note, pending approval of two, we're scheduled up through the last weekend in May. But I'll start scheduling June soon. Okay, in about a month. I try to schedule a month (or two) in advance. But do consider signing up.

    Oh, and couples? If there's a couple's blog ... or if a couple each have a blog ... and you want to, we'll try to schedule for his and her (or her and her or his and his) that same weekend, if you like. Then you can tell your significant other that you got more questions than they did because people like you better!


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