Friday, March 24, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-24

From CNN:
Huffington apologizes for Clooney 'blog'
Yet to apologize for rest of blog

From CNN:
Millionaire prefers 10 years in jail to paying ex-wife
Hasn't heard of the 'O.J. solution'

From CNN:
Sharon Stone: Nude scenes 'no big thing'
Hasn't watched 'Basic Instinct'

Culpepper says he snubbed 'love boat' lap dancers
Thought 'snub' was euphamism for sex act

From Reuters:
Porn star hits it big as wine-maker
Still won't explain where the bottle's been

From Reuters:
Villagers admire each other's potatoes
"Cowboy" really likes "Construction Worker's" potatoes much better than "Indian's" or "Biker's"

From Reuters:
Dancer sues show for dismissal over bra size
Says bar owner is really big boob

From Reuters:
Woman survives fall from 11th floor
Was chasing cat

From Reuters:
Teacher sorry for watching baseball in class
Disappointed in Braves extra-inning loss

From Reuters:
Conviction in body enlargement scam
'Large prick' turned out to be man running scam

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  1. This just stuck right out at me....

    Hat tip to Basil again. I had thought he was tarring the name of my profession (I’m a trial lawyer), but no, this is actually a perfectly valid comment. This isn’t quite under the same heading as “if you wear the uniform …&#822...


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