Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-14

From ABC News:
Bush campaign against Iran's religious leaders: report
Will be first Methodist to run for Grand Mullah of Iran

From ABC News:
Iraqi Death Squads Engage in Dirty War
World shocked to learn Sherman was right

From ABC News:
Liberia denies asking Nigeria to extradite Taylor
Admits asking for bank account information to transfer 26-million dollars

From ABC News:
Fannie Mae Announces New Accounting Errors
Errors to be fully in place by end of summer

From ABC News:
Capital One to buy North Fork for $14.6 billion
Ewings retain control of South Fork

From ABC News:
Mango-Eating Asian Beetle Found in Fla.
Yoko Ono retires

From ABC News:
Why Aren't Drugs Tested on Pregnant Women?
Other than in Germany prior to 1945

From ABC News:
Amabassador Blasts Bruce Willis' Comments
Wants to know what "Yippie-Ki-Yay" means

From ABC News:
Shirley Jones Stages Roast for Husband
Not as spectacular as one for first husband*

From ABC News:
Can Bush Pull a Clinton?
White House hires fat interns

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