Friday, May 18, 2007

I Told Her So

Stain on my tieThe Wife says that every time I wear a white shirt, I always spill something on it.

I say it's not so.

And today, I have proof.

I wore a gray shirt and a black tie (with white stripes).

And I spilled something on it at lunch. Ketchup. From the fries that came with my 3-cheese bacon burger I ordered.

So, now I've shown that wearing a white shirt has nothing whatsoever to do with spilling food on myself.

I feel better now that I've proved my point. Or would, if I didn't have a ketchup stain on my silk tie.


  1. Did they fix your tooth that fast?
    Anyhow, Lord knows that happens to me too, maybe that's why I don't wear ties anymore unless I'm going for an interview.
    And by the way Basil...see if you can find a place in Georgia that makes pasties. I found onehere in AZ that was so glorious to partake!


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