Monday, May 28, 2007


During the time I wore my country's uniform, I was mostly in a situation where I was at home. That is, I got up in the morning and went to work.

Only, instead of driving to a factory or an office, I went to an Army post.

We'd occasionally deploy on a training exercise, but those really didn't last all that long. Most of the time, I was, in effect, stationed at home.

Most soldiers aren't so fortunate.

But, during the brief time away from home, we thought of those back home.

When set up in a Georgia swamp or woods, we thought of family back home.

When on the DMZ in Korea, we thought of family back home.

When in the California desert, training for future desert deployments, we thought of those back home.

When in the Sahara, on the border with Libya, we thought of those back home.

When in the Arabian Desert, on the border with Saddam's Iraq, we thought of those back home.

Because that's what soldiers do. Marines, airmen, and seamen, too. They think of those back home.

Today is Memorial Day.

It is not the day to think of those who are defending our country. Rather, it's a day to remember a special group of those that defended our country -- those that while defending our country, gave their lives for you, me, and everyone here in this great land of ours.

I know that they were thinking of you.

The least you can do is think of them.


  1. Very good! I'm attempting a trackback.

  2. Nicely put, Basil. "Remembrance Day" is the title of my post today. We're on the same wavelength!

  3. Memorial Day 2007...

    Today is the day we honor all those who have fallen defending this flag, the republic for which it stands, and our way of life, no matter whether that was during the American Revolution, the Civil War (the original honorees of this holiday), the World ...

  4. I'm teaching the kids this message today. They're never too young to hear it. Good job on this post.

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  6. Thnaks you for your service, that was really well said.


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