Monday, May 21, 2007

Not Me In Fact ... But In Spirit

This isn't my vehicle. Either one of them.

But I understand the blue Toyota very well.

If the picture's not clear enough to show what's happened, here's the deal.

The silver car looks like it pulled into a parking space. And into the next parking space.

Then Blue pulled in ... and nosed as closely as he could to Silver.

I'd have liked it if he'd have eased up ... touched bumpers ... then, ever so slightly, gently pushed the other vehicle back just a bit. Then, when Silver started the car and took it out of park, the car would rock back slightly.

I run into idiots like Silver all the time. And it really ticks me off. One parking space is plenty for anyone. But some people just don't like playing nicely.

If people can't drive ... and park correctly ... they need to stay home ... or ride the bus.

Asses that can't drive ... or park ... like Silver ... really tick me off. I just wish I had the guts of Blue.


  1. The two-parking place one is the one that ticks us off more than the silver one! I don't like either of them - but, when I come across one that has parked triangular across 2 parking places, it angers me! Most of the time,it's a very small car, too.

  2. Oh, gosh, yes!

    Parking isn't all that hard. All it takes is moderate care and some consideration of others.

    Those folks who violate parking etiquette must think that things don't apply to them. They're better than everyone else. So what if their lack of consideration makes someone else have to park farther away and walk a longer distance? They're special.

    They make my blood boil.


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